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7 guestbook message(s)

  • Sara
  • On 05/02/2016

Tour was a blast, but you haven't posted much since then!!! Come back ;)

  • Bart
  • On 07/09/2015

Hey we met in Dublin. Come back soon!!!

  • Jacki
  • On 07/09/2015

Hey saw you at the Squealing Pig, i was there wit hmy Grandpa

  • Hale
  • On 07/09/2015

A true songbird, pun intended :p

Will definitely try to be there for the tour, anybod from Gloucheshire wanna carpool to the show. Email me at

  • Zoe
  • On 07/09/2015

Great Show!! Had to leave early but wish I could've stayed to end

  • Charles
  • On 04/09/2015

Wow! Went wih my girlfriend because she coerced me into going... at the end of the day glad I went. Great tunes

  • Chelly (link)
  • On 04/09/2015

I went ot one of her shows because we have the same name.. kind of a silly reason, I know. But I became an immediate fan after hearing her sing and play. Her stage presence was so zen and nautral and that helped me really enjoy the show. I got to meet her after and I will definitely try to see her again on her tour!

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